Australian Designed, Luxury Eyewear at Affordable Prices!

Why Are Harley Mason Frames So Popular?

1 Year Full Manufacturer's Warranty

We’ve taken the time and effort to ensure that Harley Mason eyewear is made to a specification and quality you can rely on. For your peace of mind and to back this up, all of our products come with a full 1 year manufacturers warranty against any defects in workmanship or materials.

Experienced and Qualified Optometrists

You are safe in our hands.  Harley Mason is run by an Optometrist lead team with a combined 30+ years experience in the Optometry field. After years in Optometric practice our founder set out on a mission to bring quality eyewear products to our customers at unrivalled quality and prices. We have spent years caring for peoples vision and understand how precious your eyesight is.  It is this understanding and care that remains at the core of all of our Harley Mason products and services. 

Highest Quality

With a combined 30+ years in the Optometry field our designers understand what makes really great eyewear, from face form, fit and balance to using the best materials for the job, Harley Mason frames are designed for the wearers enjoyment.

Our plastic frames are manufactured using high quality Mazzucchelli acetates. These cotton rich, plant based acetates offer a smooth silky finish for improved comfort and wearability, and by purposefully avoiding any petroleum based plastics Harley Mason frames are not only made from a renewable resource but they are also biodegradable too.

Our metal frames are made from a high tensile, anti- corrosive stainless steel base with outer layers of gold or silver applied to provide a vibrant lustre with a smooth polished finish for a great look and extreme comfort.

The Highest Quality Materials For Less !


Our premium cellulose acetates are sourced from Mazzucchelli , an Italian family owned factory that has been making world class acetates for six generations. This high quality plant-based material comes in a range of beautiful palettes and is biodegradable too.  


All our metal frames are custom made from stainless steel to create a highly lustrous, thin and sturdy frame with anti-corrosive properties that is lightweight and comfortable. Silver or gold platings are then applied with a final hand polish to bring you the quality product Harley Mason is known for. 

Screws and hinges

Specifically sourced from Europe, and made from a unique alloy of silver and nickel our components offer unmatched durability and flexibility to allow the perfect amount of bending to ensure your Harley Mason frames can be custom fitted for your maximum comfort and enjoyment. 

Going Green

Harley Mason frames are environmentally friendly! All our acetate frames are  manufactured using Mazzuchelli cellulose acetates made from processed wood/plant pulp and cotton. This means that unlike most man made materials it comes from a renewable resource, is hypoallergenic and is biodegradable too! WIN WIN!