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Great Optics and lightweight material, for easy wearing and clear vision.

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For slightly higher prescriptions, to keep your lenses thin and light weight. Recommended for prescriptions above +/- 4.00.

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Cameron Horn Brown Gradient Lens

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Horn Brown Gradient Lens


A nod to 'old school' with an on trend keyhole bridge and classic styling. 

Made using the finest plant based Italian acetates, to create a smooth, silky finish for improved comfort and wearability. Lightweight and durable and by purposefully avoiding petroleum based plastics this frame is made from renewable resources and is biodegradable too!

An easy to wear style, this is a medium fit frame and suits most face shapes.

Frame widths

Frame Fit

Eye- 48   Bridge- 20   Temple -145

[measurements 48x42x137x20x145] 

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 Beat the glare with Harley Mason’s polarised lenses! Regular sunglass lenses reduce brightness and protect your eyes against the damaging effects of UV light. With Harley Masons Cat 3 Polarised lenses we’ve taken it one step further to include glare control too. All of our lenses contain a special polarising filter that blocks unwanted reflections, taking you to the next level of vision clarity and comfort will still doing the important job of protecting your eyes.  

Frame Manufacture

All Harley Mason frames are hand-made and assembled by skilled craftsmen. Each stage of production is carefully monitored to bring you beautiful, high quality frames backed by our satisfaction guarantee and one year warranty.